My name is Aaron Paul Rogers and I am an Editor, Photographer, Producer and Director in Brooklyn New York. I just moved to NYC from Los Angeles and love it. I have a photo studio in Brooklyn. I specialize in Fine Art, Unique Portrait photography, Boudoir, Fitness, Disabled photography, Fashion, Nude art and Maternity photography. For my professional projects I insist to work with creative, driven, like-minded and passionate clients that push boundaries.  For my personal projects I photograph amazing people of all shapes and sizes.  I really love working with subjects that have never modeled before and don’t fit the “Traditional Beauty” category on my passion projects.  I am here to document not judge. Everyone is welcome so don’t be shy if you think we might be a good fit. I also have a passion for NYC street photography.  I must add trespassing and exploring abandoned, scary, weird locations always puts a huge F’n smile on my face. 

I hate labeling and categories but it seems Google has made it a requirement. Fine Art Photography sounds douchey to me but I looked it up..."Fine art photography": "The production of images to fulfill the creative vision of a photographer. ... Synonymous with art photography". So "Fine Art Photography" I guess works. I gravitate towards fine art nudes, maternity and breastfeeding fine art, newborns, body acceptance, disabled and wheelchair adventures fine art photography (<<< Ridiculous that disabled is only viable search term), fitness photo shoots, boudoir, body modification, street photography, urban exploration and I really love trespassing. Unique portrait photography and documentary photography are my favorites. Check out my portfolio and say hi if we are a good fit. Home is in Brooklyn and I love to travel. I'm not a Riot or a Mob, Riot-Mob was cheap and easy to remember and it makes me laugh when my photography shows up on web searches for Riot Mobs.

If you would like to meet and discuss your professional or personal project or are interested in prints or gallery showings contact me for rates and availability.

-Aaron Paul Rogers.

Riot Mob Photography

© Aaron Paul Rogers. 2017.

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